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Rent a scooter in Finale Ligure!

Final Rent is your scooter rental for your holiday!

Thanks to us and to our home delivery service free of charge you can fully enjoy your vacation! No more parking problems and traffic; you will be able to reach any place easily and quickly. You’re going to discover beaches and places otherwise inaccessible!
We offer:

  • Free delivery at home
  • Helmets
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Support and replacement of the scooter in if needed
  • Advices on routes and places of interest
  • Liability insurance
  • Free 24h parking!

number of days

Total Price :

  • What do you need to hire?
  • The only thing you need is a driving license and a credit card.

  • What is included in the rental price?
  • The rental includes:

    1. Free delivery
    2. Helmets
    3. Unlimited mileage
    4. Advice on routes and places of interest
    5. Liability insurance and Europe Assistence

  • Is the delivery free also to Honolulu?
  • No! The motor is delivered free of charge in the surroundings of Finale.
    Just between Pietra Ligure and Varigotti and hinterland. If you doubt that your area is not covered please contact us. Usually we are available to take it with a surcharge.

  • Is the mileage unlimited?
  • No limit! You have full freedom of movement!

  • Is it safe to park on the street?
  • We are in Finale Ligure: the thefts of scooters are very rare, but possible. Always pay close attention to where you park and use all the systems that are provided with the scooter.

  • Where can I park during the day?
  • Finale is plenty of free parking for scooters. Many people park it in wrong places and usually the police are tolerant ... but a fine for parking offenses is between 38 € and 72 € ...this is up to you!

  • Where do I pick up and delivery the scooter?
  • The pick up and delivery take place directly to your home or if you prefer to pick it up personally you can do it from:

    The Ultimate Bikeshop, Gorra on 10

    Walter Viaggi, Via Giovanni Nicotera, 15

  • Who is responsible in case of offenses?
  • You will be responsible for all the offenses that are committed with the scooter that you rented until the end of the rental.

  • What do it happens in case of theft or fire?
  • In case of fire or theft you will be held directly responsible and therefore you will have to indemnify the price of the new scooter.

  • Is a deposit required?
  • No, but we require a credit card for guarantee.

  • You can go in two people?
  • On the scooter above 50cc you can circulate in two people.

  • Do I have to deliver the scooter with a full tank?
  • The scooter must NOT be returned with full tank.

  • Other questions?
  • If you have more questions please contact us at:

    +39 3887846385

    +39 3287117152

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